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The Ins and Outs of Phone Recycling

In the 21st century, it would seem that one is not complete without the latest cell phone. With newer and more advanced handsets constantly springing upon the market, the compulsion to keep ahead of the tech game and constantly upgrade handsets for the latest ‘it’ model is extreme – and it’s no wonder the cell phone market is one of the most profitable technology industries in the world. Throughout the last ten years, the average 30 year old adult is estimated to have had six different cell […]

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Science And Recycling: What Is Possible?

For so long, we were unaware of how the environment was affected by what we have come to consider as human activity. As a result, in the present day we find ourselves running somewhat to catch up, and the only way that we can get more out of ourselves in the recycling process is to look to science for help. How can the scientific sector help us to make the future cleaner and greener. What is on offer as a recycling head start? Scientists are working on […]

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Are We Too Lazy To Recycle?

There is a lot of very emotive language used in the debate over recycling – as indeed there is over any environmental issue. One side will accuse the other of being too lazy and selfish to recycle, and the other will accuse the first of being guilt-tripped and gullible for falling for something that basically gives them a clear conscience for a short spell of time. The question does need to be asked; are we lazy and selfish? Are we easily guilt-tripped? Or should both sides calm […]

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